Waterproofing Contractors
With us you won’t see damp in your property

E Painters And Renovation / Waterproofing Contractors In Cape Town

Our Promise: We’ll keep the water out as long as you will let us in! E Painters and Renovation Waterproofing is premier provider of commercial waterproofing and exterior or interior building restoration. We serve a broad range of retail, education, office and hospitality clients both domestically and internationally. Our highly trained installers use only the best products to ensure you get the job done right – the first time. Our services are utilized by many major companies both domestically and internationally.

Waterproofing Contractors knows that your business requires your focus on a constant basis and that distractions or unplanned expenses affect not only your attention but also your bottom line. Buildings also require attention or those same distractions will come in the form of leaks, peeling paint, rusty railings, and/or crumbling concrete, resulting in a tired worn out façade.

​Our objective is to be your resource for exterior maintenance so as to extend the lifespan of your current materials. Once this lifespan has been exceeded we also want to be your go-to partner in replacing these components in the most cost effective manner. We are proud to work with many of this country’s leading commercial businesses, keeping them focused on their objectives while we eliminate the distractions.

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